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Company update New Offer Letter after joining 3 years, is it can?

Hi, Saya sudah bekerja dengan company sekarang sejak 2020. Masa tu sudah dapat offer letter. Tapi, company ada bagi updated offer letter pada 2024 (Sebab company ada adjust certain policy seperti Annual Leave, Notice Termination and etc. Soalan boleh ke staff tak nak signed? adakah saya dikira breach agreement company? sbb company juga ada update employee handbook policy berdasarkan new policy.
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As an HR expert, it is common for companies to update offer letters and employee handbooks to reflect changes in policies such as Annual Leave and Notice Termination. In this case, the company is within their rights to provide you with an updated offer letter after 3 years of joining. If you refuse to sign the updated offer letter, it could potentially be seen as a breach of your agreement with the company. It is advisable to review the updated policies and address any concerns you may have with HR before making a decision.